Redrawing My Old Artwork #1

Hello there!! Heads up, this is going to be a short post.πŸ˜…

So, I redrew my manga drawing, which I had made when I was seven!!!

I aCtUaLly KnEw AbOuT mAnGa At ThAt TiMe?!?!?!

Pretty cringy, right?!

And here’s the (digital) artwork of it that I made now!!!

Not so good… -_-

Eheheheh…. Yeah…. How is it….?

I’m not sure if I’m satisfied or dissatisfied with itπŸ˜‚.

I hope you liked it!!

8 thoughts on “Redrawing My Old Artwork #1

  1. This is cool Renee! I hadn’t thought about redrawing my own drawings before. I may have to try that πŸ˜€ I like how you drew both of these – especially the updated, colorized version!

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