Redrawing My Old Artwork #1 And #2|New Digital Art|Bad (?) News

Hello!!! Whoa, that’s a big title!! Onto the topic…….s?😂

Redrawing My Old Artwork

  1. A Colourful Feather
The redrawn version!
The original version!
  1. Mountains In A Circle
The redrawn version!

I hope you liked them both, they were fun to make!!! P.S. The new ones are digital artworks.

New Digital Art

  1. Renee
  1. Flora

I hope you liked them!!! P.S. I can do much better eyes!

Bad (?) News

Okay… Here we go!

I deleted Renee’s Creativity.

Just in case you don’t know what I’m talking about, I had made a blog on Medium called Renee’s Creativity, where I was showcasing my creativity!

But, the only one supporting me there was good ol’ Sukanya (shoutout to her!), so it was really a flop, hence I deleted it!

That’s why I’ll be posting my creativity here now!!

Oof!! Finally done! And no, I’m not sure when my hiatus will end!



Halloween!!! Take all your colours of Halloween and make something spooky!! Or think up some scary stories!! Make sure I get creeped out!


31st October!

Results will be released till 1st November, along with the details for RCC November 2020!!!

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It was great posting again, I would love to chat with you in the comments or the chat page!!!