Who Killed Sandy?

Chapter 1 – If Only I Had Said Goodbye

Dear Diary,

You are a gift to me from Sandy, she’s my best friend, my roomate too. It’s almost like we’re sisters. I’m Lorraine, though Sandy calls me Lorrie. Sometimes I like that, sometimes I don’t.


This was the first thing Lorraine, our protagonist wrote in her new diary, gifted to her by Sandy. Just after that, Sandy came into the apartment. “Hey Lorrie! How was your day?” she asked. “Boring as usual, but at least I got to do something because of your gift.” said Lorrie.

“Well, at least that diary is of some use to you! When I had given Sally a diary, she downright rejected it!” Sally was Sandy’s younger sister.

“Haha, yeah, I remember that. How was work?”

“I guess it was ok. Hey, you have to give your share of the apartment’s rent, remember?”

“Sandy. You know I lost my job two weeks ago. Do I have to?”

“Yes Lorrie, you have to. Even when you had your job, I had to pay our both’s rent.”

“But Sandy!”

“No buts Lorraine! This keeps on getting worse and worse!”

Thunder in the sky. It starts raining.

“Ugh! Forget it!” says Lorraine and storms out of the house.

Lorraine is running in the rain and goes to a bar.

“What would you like?” says the bartender.

“A beer please.” says Lorraine. After chugging it down, she goes to a motel and stays there for the night.

The next day, she decides to go back and apologise to Sandy.

Just outside the apartment, she sees an unknown van driving away. She goes in the house, to see a horrifying sight. Sandy is lying in her bed, surrounded by blood, with a knife stabbed into her body. Lorraine lets out a bloodcurling scream.

Chapter 2 – Why, Why Did You Leave Me?

Dear Diary,

I guess I’ll be writing in you more now. In memory of Sandy and because I don’t have anyone else to talk to anyway. Why did Sandy leave me? I guess it’s not her fault. But I don’t even know who to blame. Maybe, maybe it’s me. If I hadn’t left her alone… I called the police as soon as I saw the sight. The hospital couldn’t save her. It was too late. Just too late.


Suddenly, Lorraine hears a knock on the door. Half-hoping that it’s Sandy, she opens the door. A man in a brown suit is at the door. “Hello ma’am. Are you Lorraine Miller?” he asks.

“Yes, who are you? Please hurry up.”

“I’m Detective Matthews, but you can call me John, and I’m here to investigate about the death of Sandy Rudyard. “

“Oh. Please help, please do. I want to find the bastard who killed Sandy!”

“Yes ok, but first, let me check the site.”


John makes his way in and checks the site. After some time, “Hmm… This was a well planned out murder. I can’t find any clues.”

“What really?! Please search harder! Can I search? Or else send someone else!”

“I’m sorry ma’am, but I’m the best detective in the department.”

“Please leave now Detective Matthews. I need to be alone.”

“Ok ma’am.”

Dear Diary,

The bastard who killed Sandy did not leave a single clue or trace. I don’t even know who to trust anymore. There may be some traces… But I can’t check. If I get caught, it’ll be worse. But, I want to do something… I’ll address myself as Lorrie from now onwards. In memory of Sandy.


Lorraine slept yet another restless night.

Chapter 3 – At Least Some Suspects

Lorraine wakes up to a ringing phone. She picks up the phone. “Hello Ms. Miller. It’s John here.” comes from the other side

“Yes Mr., what is it?”

“We’re going to question the suspects today. Can I come at 2 o’clock?”

“What?! We have suspects?! Why didn’t you tell me?! Who are they?!”

“I’ll tell you at 2.”

“Ok, bye Mr.”

“Bye Ms.”

She keeps the phone and goes to the bathroom to freshen up.

Dear Diary,

Mr. Matthews says that there are some suspects. I can’t wait till it’s 2. But, what if the criminal isn’t one of them? Oh I can’t wait. I should have just asked him on call who the suspects are. Sadly, I don’t have his number saved. I’ll just have to wait I guess.


At 2 o’clock, John arrived. “So? Who are the suspects?” asked Lorraine

“First, answer a question of mine. Can you in any way, describe the van you saw driving away from your apartment?”

“What? Do you think that the criminal was in that van?”

“Yes, maybe.”

*In her head* “Oh no! That means… I was so close to catching that bastard!

“Well, the van was a dull green, with S.R. in red written on it.”

“Ok. Thanks for the information.”

“So? Who are the suspects?”

“Well, since Sandy comes from a rich and big background, her first suspects are her family members.”

*In her head* “Huh!? Her family are suspects too?!”

“Oh… Ok.”

“So please tell me about her closest family members.”

“Yes ok. Her dad is Mr. Richard Rudyard and her mom is Mrs. Cassandra Rudyard. Her younger sister is Sally Rudyard. She’s 19, only 2 years younger than Sandy and I.”

“Hmm… Ok. Thanks for telling me. Should we go to the Rudyard mansion?”

“Yes ok.”

“Also, if Sandy is so rich, why did she become your roommate?”

“Well, Sandy was not the typical spoilt rich girl. She wanted to live a normal life and wanted to meet new people. That is one of the reasons why she was my best friend.”

“Oh… Ok.”

Suddenly, John’s phone started ringing. He picked up the call and after a small conversation, closed the call. “I’m sorry, an emergency came up. I’ll have to take my leave.” he said.

“Oh, ok. Is it something related to Sandy’s case?”

“No, it’s not”

“Ok. So when should we go to the Rudyard Mansion?”

“Let’s go at 5 o’clock.”


John leaves the house, and Lorraine goes to her room to write in her diary.

Dear Diary,

I didn’t tell you this before, but, I had to move to another house after Sandy’s death. Her funeral was also so huge, thankfully I was allowed to come. That’s what I like about her family. They haven’t left their royal life, but they don’t look down upon others. They supported Sandy when she was leaving too. Talking about them, I just remembered. They are suspects too. But would they really kill Sandy too? It’s all still a mystery to me.


Chapter 4 – The Rudyard Mansion

It’s 5 o’clock, and Lorraine is eagerly waiting. Then, the doorbell rings. Lorraine opens the door and sees John in front of her. “Sorry if I’m a bit late.”

“No problem. Shall we go?”

“Yes, come with me, let’s go in my car.”


They drive to the Rudyard Mansion. At the entrance, a scanner detects them and a voice comes from it. “What is your purpose here?”

*In Lorraine’s head* “Oh… I guess after Sandy’s death, her family became very depressed. Usually, as soon as they saw me, they would welcome me with open arms.”

“Hello, it’s Lorraine here, and Detective Matthews has come with me to investigate about Sandy’s case.”

“Ok, come in.”

Lorraine and John go in the mansion. There, Sally welcomes them. “Hello Lorraine and Detective. Please take a seat. My father will come shortly.”

“Hello Sally. How are you doing?”

“I guess I’m doing well.”

Then, Mr. Rudyard comes into the room. “Hello Lorraine. Hello to you too Detective Matthews. How are you doing, Lorraine?”

“I’m doing well. How are you?”

“I’m fine too. But, this has been a huge blow for Cassandra. The poor woman has been in her room the whole time.”

“Oh, that’s too bad.”

“Can you please call her out? It’s something important related to Sandy’s case.” says John.

“That will be hard. But if it’s related to Sandy, surely.”

After some whispered voices, Mrs. Rudyard comes.

*In Lorraine’s head* “Oh… Even though she’s smiling, I can clearly see that Mrs. Rudyard is very down. Mr. Rudyard is right. This has been a really huge blow for her.”

“Hello Mrs. Rudyard. This is Detective Matthews. He would like to question you all.”

“Oh, are we suspects?” says Mr. Rudyard.

“Yes.” says John.

“Why….. Why would I ever kill my own daughter…. My Sandy…” says Mrs. Rudyard.

“I’m sorry, but I will have to question you all.” says John.

“I WOULD NEVER KILL MY BABY!!!! WHO ARE YOU TO THINK THAT?!?!?!” shouts Mrs. Rudyard and charges towards John. Mr. Rudyard and Sally hold her back. “I’m terribly sorry. She’s just not in a good state.” says Mr. Rudyard.

“Yes, that’s true.” says Sally.

“I’m sorry, but I’ll still have to question you all.”

“I understand.” says Mr. Rudyard. He whispers to Mrs. Rudyard and she calms down.

“Ok, so, where were you all when Sandy was killed?”

“I was sleeping in my room.” says Sally.

“I had a party with my friends in the Rudyard hall, so I was there.” says Mr. Rudyard.

“I was sleeping in my room.” says Mrs. Rudyard.

“Hmm ok. Can I please check out your mansion?” says John.

“Yes sure.” says Mr. Rudyard.

“You come too, Lorraine.” says John.


They search the whole mansion for an hour. “Ok, I haven’t found anything. I guess the family is off the suspects list.” says John.

*In Lorraine’s head* “Oh that’s good!”

“Ok!” says Lorraine.

Everyone bids their goodbyes and Lorraine and John leave the mansion. In the car, they start talking. “So, Lorraine, my department found many pictures of dull green vans with R.S. in red written on them.”

“Oh really?”


“Oh ok.”

“So, I’ll bring by the pictures at say, 3 on Friday?”

“Ok. But I’m not sure if I’ll be able to figure it out. It was a bit blurry.”

“That’s fine, let’s just try.”


“Here you go. We’ve arrived to your house.”

“Oh ok thanks.”

“Bye Lorraine.”

“Bye John.”

And so, John drives away and Lorraine goes in her room.

Dear Diary,

Thankfully, her family were not the criminals. I’m so glad for that. I’m waiting for John to bring the pictures. I really want to catch the person who killed Sandy. I can’t wait. I’ll also keep on writing in you till my last breath. I’ll die with you and hopefully, you’ll come with me, in heaven and I’ll show you to Sandy.


Chapter 5 – Too Many Similar Vans

Dear Diary,

It’s Friday! Finally, John will bring the pictures. I can’t wait. Only 8 hours left! Finally, I’ll avenge Sandy. Ok, I have to get ready now.


At 3, John comes and shows Lorraine some pictures of the vans.

“Oh… I really can’t remember… I’m so sorry. I want to do anything I can to catch the criminal…” says Lorraine.

“Oh really? Are you sure?”

“Yes, I’m very sorry…”

“Oh ok…”

John leaves.

Dear Diary,

I’ve decided to do a bit of investigation of my own. My plan is to call everyone in Sandy’s phone book and question them all. I hope I can find the criminal now. Fingers crossed.


After an hour, *In her head* “I’m so tired… But I have to question them all. Till now, I didn’t find anyone suspicious… Oh well. I’ll just complete the entire book.”

After another hour, *In her head* “Oof. I didn’t find anyone yet. I guess this last contact called Mr. Tresford is left. I’ll call him now. Hopefully, he has something to say.”

Lorraine calls Mr. Tresford. “Hello? Who is this? What do you want?” says Mr. Tresford.

“Hello. I’m Lorraine. Sandy’s friend. I believe you know her.

“Oh! Sandy’s friend? I’m very sorry about her death.”

“Yes thanks. I wanted to ask you about Sandy’s death. Do you know who could have killed her?”

“Oh. Let me think… I’ll call you in some time and let you know.”


After half an hour, the phone rings. Lorraine picks it up, to find Mr. Tresford on the line. “Hello Lorraine. It’s Mr. Tresford here. I think I may have a lead. Well, by lead, I mean someone who may know who killed Sandy.”

“Oh really? Please do tell.”

“Well, her father had a childhood friend and his friend’s daughter, named Erina became Sandy’s childhood friend. But one day, the family just stopped meeting the Rudyard family.”

“Oh! Thank you. Do you have Erina’s number?”

“No, but I have her address. She lives close by to you.”

“Oh ok thanks please do tell.”

Mr. Tresford tells Lorraine Erina’s address and the conversation ends.

Dear Diary,

Sandy knew someone called Erina. I have decided to meet her on Sunday at 4. After all this, I’ve decided that I’m going to go and get another job. To pay for the rent. To finally pay. Once and for all. After so much of Sandy’s insisting.


Chapter 6 – Two More Siblings

Dear Diary,

It’s finally Sunday! I’ll be meeting Erina today! I can’t wait. That is the sentence I have used the most. I can’t wait to find the lead, I can’t wait to find the criminal. I can’t wait to meet Sandy. Ok, I have to get ready to go.


Lorraine goes to Erina’s house. She rings the door bell and the door slightly creaks open. A voice comes from inside. “Who’s there?” says Erina.

“I’m Lorraine. Sandy’s friend.”

“Please go away.”

“It’s related to Sandy’s case. Please, let me in. Please.”


In Erina’s house, “Ok, what do you want? Tell me quick.” says Erina.

“Do you know who could have killed Sandy?”

Silence spreads in the house. Erina’s eyes become alarmed.

“Um, Erina? Are you ok? Do you want…”

“So that’s why you’re here, huh? I guess I’ll just have to face my past.” Erina interrupts.

“You may think that Sandy has only a younger sister named Sally, right?” says Erina.

“Um, yes.”

“Well, you see, before, Sandy had a sister 4 years older than her named Katie and a brother 1 year older than her named Samuel.”


“Yes, it’s true.”


“Please, hear me out first Lorraine.”


Erina takes a deep breath and starts telling her story.

“Sandy and I were childhood friends. We always played and hung out with each other. Our parents were good friends too. One night, at the age of 17, I was having a sleepover with Sandy, when in the middle of the night, I wanted to drink some water. Everyone was sleeping while I made my way to the kitchen. I was passing Katie’s room when……”

Silence spreads in the house.

“Um, Erina?’

“Oh yes sorry Lorraine. It’s a hard thing to face your past. So, I was passing Katie’s room, when I saw a horrible sight. Katie was killed.”


“Yes. I let out a huge scream and everyone came rushing in. My parents came too. Sandy, Sally and I were rushed and closed up in Sandy’s room. We could hear whispers and weeps outside. Sandy and Sally were crying too. I did my best to comfort them. Finally, after an hour, we were brought out. Only my parents and Sandy’s parents were there. Sally and Sandy went with their dad inside. It was at that time, that Mrs. Rudyard threatened us not to tell anyone about this. I was just 17. Of course I was scared. My parents were scared by her threatens too. We were too scared. That’s why, I stopped meeting her. My parents stopped too. Our friendship was over. The Rudyard family never told us who killed Katie. But I’m tired of keeping it a secret. I’m trusting you with it. Make good use of it.”

“Oh my god. That must be so hard on you. Are you ok?”

“Yes, I’m fine, now that I’ve faced my past.”

“Thank you so much for the information. I’ll make sure that you don’t regret it.”


Lorraine bids Erina goodbye and goes home. Then, she calls John over the phone and tells him everything. He thanks Lorraine for the extra investigation and the conversation ends.

Dear Diary,

I’m so glad that I’ve gathered so much information. I’m so close! But, this is all for Sandy. If you are reading this, Sandy, that means I came to heaven and I’m showing you my diary right now. Thank you for this gift, Sandy. It has helped me.


Suddenly, Lorraine’s phone rings. She picks up the call, to find Sally on the other line. “Hello Lorraine.”

“Hello Sally.”

“I need to tell you something important.”

“Sure, what is it?’

“It’s related to Sandy’s death.”

“Oh! Tell me quick! I need to tell you something too.”

“Can you please come here tomorrow at 4:30?”


The conversation ends.

Dear Diary,

Sally has something important to tell me. I hope it helps with Sandy’s case. I can’t believe the Rudyard family had such a past. Wait. If Sally is telling something, it must be related to what Erina told me. Maybe, SHE KNOWS WHO’S THE KILLER!!! Yes! I’ll finally catch that bastard!!! But, I shouldn’t get my hopes up. But still, I can’t help but get butterflies in my stomach. Oh well, it’s time to sleep.


Chapter 7 – Family Issues

Dear Diary,

It’s finally the day to meet Sally. Finally. One hour left till I have to go. 59 minutes till I have to go. I’m literally counting the minutes. Others might call me crazy, but I don’t care. I just want to avenge Sandy. I think I should start getting ready now.


At 4:30, Lorraine goes to the Rudyard mansion. There, Sally welcomes her.

“Hello Lorraine.”

“Hello Sally.”

“You didn’t bring the detective here, right?”

“Yes, but why are you asking?”

“I’m just not comfortable telling this to him. I want to tell this to only you.”

“Ok, so, what do you want to tell me?”

“I think I know who killed Sandy.”

“What?!?! Really?!?!”

“Please, first hear me out.”

“Wait. Is it related to Katie?”

“HOW DO YOU KNOW ABOUT HER?!?! I mean, I don’t object, but how?”

“Erina told me.”

“Oh. Ok. Yes, it’s related to Katie.”

“Ok, please go on.”

“Katie was killed by Samuel Rudyard.”



“But how…. what…. why….”

“When we questioned him, he didn’t give a reason. He always was a bit freaky. Like a psycho.”

“Oh. But why didn’t he go to prison then?”

“My family was too ashamed and too scared of spoiling our reputation. So, we abandoned Samuel and never spoke of Katie and Samuel.”

“Oh my god. Your family has such big problems.”

“Yes, that’s what I hate about my family.”

“Thank you for all this information.”

“For Sandy, anything.”

“I’ll take your leave now.”

“One more thing, Sandy was killed on Samuel’s birthday.”

Lorraine goes back home and calls John.

“John, come here right now. It’s urgent.”

“Oh ok Lorraine.”

John comes to Lorraine’s house and Lorraine tells him everything.

“That is a lot of information. Thank you so much Lorraine.”

“I will do anything and everything for Sandy.”

“But, we have a problem.”

“Is it the evidence?”

“No not that, I can manage. The problem is that how can we be sure that Samuel killed Sandy?”

“Hmmmm, let me think. What could be there other than the fact it was Samuel’s birthday…”

After a few minutes of brainstorming, “Wait, I got it John!”

“What is it?”

“The van I had spotted, it had S.R. written on it! Those are the initials of Samuel Rudyard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

“Oh my god!! You’re right Lorraine!!!”

“So now we know who killed Sandy, right?!?!?!?!”


After a few days, in court, “Samuel Rudyard, did you kill your two sisters, Katie and Sandy?” says the judge.

“Yes I did.”


“Because I wanted a birthday present.”

“That is not a valid answer. Jury, what is your decision?”

Whispers here and there in the jury. A man from the jury goes and whispers in the judge’s ears.

“The jury declares Samuel Rudyard as guilty of killing his sisters, Katie and Sandy. Because he killed two lives, his punishment is a death sentence. Case closed.” says the judge.

Lorraine cries tears of ecstasy. The Rudyard family is very happy too.

Dear Diary,

I think that I’m the happiest woman on Earth. WE FINALLY CAUGHT THE KILLER!!! That bastard Samuel. I’m crying right now. But don’t worry, these are not tears of pain and hurt. These are tears of ecstasy, joy and happiness. I have avenged Sandy. I have fulfilled my purpose.


Chapter 8 – Finally, I’m Meeting You

My Dearest Diary,

It’s been 61 years since Sandy died. That’s right, I’m 82 already. Remember my wish to take you with me to heaven? Well, I’m on my deathbed right now. I’ll take you with me. I should give you an update on my life. I have a family with a husband and two children,a girl and boy. Their names are Christie and Ryan. Ryan is writing this while I’m dictating right now. Guess who I married? It was the person who helped me save you! That’s right, John!! What a turn of events! I guess I’m going to die soon. These are my last words to you. Farewell.

– Yours Truly, Lorrie

The End

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