Redrawing My Old Artwork #1

Hello there!! Heads up, this is going to be a short post.😅

So, I redrew my manga drawing, which I had made when I was seven!!!

I aCtUaLly KnEw AbOuT mAnGa At ThAt TiMe?!?!?!

Pretty cringy, right?!

And here’s the (digital) artwork of it that I made now!!!

Not so good… -_-

Eheheheh…. Yeah…. How is it….?

I’m not sure if I’m satisfied or dissatisfied with it😂.

I hope you liked it!!

She Left Me Somewhere! — Kamal’s Blogging Café

She left meSomewhere,In the dense forestThrowing sharp arrowsTowards me wildlyAnd escaped into heaven,Leaving me desperately,Only … I was able to cry,Striking my heart,Like a bitter wind,Thinking myselfAs a dart board. I headed intoThe middle of the jungle,In search of own realityAnd existence.I stopped for a whileWhen I saw an old,A dark and gigantic,Laid down BIG […]

She Left Me Somewhere! — Kamal’s Blogging Café

So beautiful and true! Check it out!



Halloween!!! Take all your colours of Halloween and make something spooky!! Or think up some scary stories!! Make sure I get creeped out!


31st October!

Results will be released till 1st November, along with the details for RCC November 2020!!!

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Email your creations to!

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Hiatus Update

Hello all!! A hiatus update!

Since I’m taking a hiatus, I’m afraid I will not be participating in this year’s Inktober…

In fact, I don’t know if will ever participate in the Inktober challenge, because it’s in October, when I have my Half Yearly Unit Assessment…

I hope you understand!! Sorry again!