7 Awards And 3 (Kind Of?) Tags!!!

The Lockdown Tag #2

I was tagged by Introverted Thoughts for this tag, so thank you!!

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….. I just realised!! When I did this tag before, I had answered the exact same questions passed on to me right now!🤦‍♀️😂 I’m so stupid!

Well, I’d like to thank D (Introverted Thoughts) for nominating me!

Here’s the link to my first lockdown tag:- https://renee.art.blog/2020/09/06/5-blogger-awards-and-2-tags/7/.

24 thoughts on “7 Awards And 3 (Kind Of?) Tags!!!

  1. Congratulations on all these awards!! Tysm for mentioning me!!, I’m glad the series was helpful 🥰
    Yess I would wish for this virus to never have started coz I lost a WHOLE SCHOOL YEAR
    and I hate online classes. I don’t even know who my classmates are😑
    If I had 3 wishes, I’d wish for world hunger to end,
    Covid 19
    And I’d wish for 3 more wishes 😜
    I loved reading all your other answers as well!
    I’m gonna steal some of these awards😂😂😂

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