RCC Final Round (Round 5) And Results Of Round 4

Final Round

Topic – Famous Personalities

Make a portrait or make something related to or write about a famous personality of your choice!!!

Deadline – 11th October

Email your creations to reneescreativitycontest@gmail.com.

Round 4 Results

People Who Passed Round 4:-

  • Sukanya
Shell Painting

Can I count this as still life? You know what? Yes, I do! – Renee.

People Who Got Eliminated:-

  • Ananya
Real picture

Sadly, only 2 people participated in this round, but I understand. So, in total, Sukanya, Manya, Shanessa, Nishtha and Krisha passed this round! Good job everyone! You reached till the final round!! I can’t wait to see who will be the winners!!

Which Posts?

Hello all!! The post title sounds intriguing, right?



For those of you that have NO idea what I’m talking about😂, I used to put GIFs in my posts, but now I’ve forgotten!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Oh well, I’ll start putting them in again.

This perfectly suits the situation😂

Oh no! We’re going off-topic!

So, what I mean by the title is that I have decided to do a reaction to my old posts, and I want you all to vote which posts I should do!

You can vote till 10th October and I’ll post my reactions soon after that!

Thank you for voting in advance!

P.S. I changed my blogging email to reneesuniquemind@gmail.com.

My Goal #2!

Hello everyone!!!

OMG!!! I cannot believe it!! I’ve reached so far!!! So thank you everyone so very much for all the love and support!!!!! It really means a lot to me!!!

So, my goals:-

Likes:- Currently, I have 2542 likes!!! That’s a lot! But of course, I want to go more ahead!! So, my goal for the number of likes is 5000 likes!!! That’s like the double of the likes I have right now! A big goal, but I’m sure we’ll reach it!!!

Follows:- Right now, I have 129 followers!!! Whoo-hoo! I want to go even more ahead!!! So, my goal for the number of followers is 150 followers!! 21 more to go!! Not much, but getting followers takes time!! I’m pretty sure we’ll reach this goal!!

Once again, I thank you all so very much for all the support!!!

P.S. I posted on Renee’s Poetry and Renee’s Creativity, please do check them out!

The Ultimate Disney Tag (Part 2)

Hey reader!! This is part 2 of this tag!

  1. The Ultimate Disney Tag (Part 1)!!!

Maggie’s Questions

11. Are there any minor characters you think should have been included more in their movies’ plots? If so, which ones?

Not really, no.

12. Which movie has your favorite animation?

The Secret World Of Arrietty. It’s so colourful! I’m a fan of anime anyway.

There are scenes even more colourful than this!

13. If you could request to have a sequel made for any one movie, what sequel would it be and what would you love to see happen in it?

I would say Toy Story 5 and everyone will be reunited at a new owner’s house, since the ending is too bittersweet for me.

14. Are there any movies you think shouldn’t have had a sequel? Why or why not?

Well, I guess Toy Story 4 shouldn’t have happened, but I want them to reunite with Little Bo-Peep too.

15. Do you use any Disney quotes in your everyday life? If so, what are they?

Well, maybe “Hakuna Matata. It means no worries.”

16. Have you noticed any plot holes or funny errors in any movie?

Well, I noticed Rapunzel in Frozen😂.


17. Which quote/s inspire you the most?

I guess “Hakuna Matata. It means no worries.”

18. Who were your favorite characters as a kid?

Rapunzel, because I wanted long hair like her😆. I liked painting like her too. Watching Tangled now makes me kind of nostalgic.

19. Who are your favorite characters now?

Genie! But I don’t really know, I’m not sure.

20. What’s the last movie you watched?

Monsters Inc. Wait, is it Disney? If not, then Mulan.

That’s it for now, part 3 coming soon!

The Ultimate Disney Tag (Part 1)!!!

Hey Glowsticks!!! Maggie reached 100 followers, so congrats to her!! She made 50 doodles and this tag to celebrate! Check out all that in her post!


  1. Mention whose blog you found out about this tag through & share their link!
  2. Include the rules and badge in your post
  3. Answer all 50 questions
  4. Tag the post under “theultimatedisneytag” in the Reader
  5. Leave an open invitation for all Disney lovers to participate!

Maggie’s Questions

1. What is the first Disney movie you remember watching?


2. Three characters you relate the most to?

Belle, because she’s a bookworm, Merida, because she has curly hair and Rapunzel, since she’s independent. Sorry, I could only think of princesses 😂.

3. If you could trade places with one character for a day, who would you choose and what would you do?

I would pick Rapunzel and explore all the nature and greenery around her. I’m sorry, but I’m only thinking of princesses😂🤦‍♀️.

4. Which princess do you relate the most to?

You already asked that question😂.

5. Are you jealous of any characters’ fashion sense/wardrobe?

Um, no, not really. I am always a bit different about my fashion sense. I don’t care about the outfit as long as it’s comfortable, but for a party or occasion, I wear something fashionable and comfortable. Whoa, I went off topic. So basically, no.

6. Which song/s get stuck in your head the most often?

Not any.

7. If you could change one thing about any Disney movie, what would you change and why?

Nothing really.

8. Which sidekick would you love to have?


9. If you could spend the day with three characters, who would you choose and what would the four of you do together?

10. Is there a crossover relationship you think would totally work? (For example, Tiana and Prince Charming)

Um, no.

Okay, so, since it’s 50 QUESTIONS, I’ll be doing a series, with 10 answers per post. I hope this is okay and not too inconvenient!