Let’s Blog Award!!!

That’s right, I created an award.

Anyway, it’s called the Let’s Blog Award, as you could see. It doesn’t really have a topic or anything.


  1. Mention the creator of the award and the blogger who nominated you.
  2. Copy paste the rules.
  3. Answer the 10 questions sent by the nominator.
  4. Write your 10 questions for the nominees.
  5. Answer your own questions.
  6. Nominate as many bloggers you want for this award and notify them that they got nominated.
  7. Keep the thumbnail as the thumbnail of this post.
  8. Tag the post #Let’s Blog Award.

My Questions

1. What is your favourite animal?

Dog (especially puppies🤩).

2. What do you like doing during your free time?

I like blogging, watching Netflix, chatting, daydreaming(XD) etc. I can’t think of anything else😅.

3. What is your greatest fear?

Someone close to me dying. Of course,

But still. Also, to be honest, I’m not really scared of dying myself. Sure, if it’s not an unnatural death. Ok….. I’ve gone negative. That’s not really common in this blog…..

Something to brighten your day since I may have saddened it 😅😅😅

4. Name 3 hobbies of yours.

Reading, Art and Blogging.

5. Name something that many bloggers don’t know (not something private or personal).

I have a YouTube channel called Renee’s Crazy Corner.

6. If you had a wish, what would you wish for?

Obviously for this pandemic to end XD XD.

7. Who is your favourite blogger?

Ahem. This may be a bit embarrassing, especially if that blogger is reading this. Ok……. My favourite blogger is……. KS Blogs!

8. Would you rather have no wars or no pandemics? Why?

I would rather have no pandemics, because I don’t really know 😅😅😅😅😅( btw that’s a valid answer XD).

9. What is your favourite series/movie/book?(Pick only one of these).

I’m gonna pick series. So, my favourite series is…. Friends!

10. Do you believe in God?

Yes I do.

Oof. Finally done! That was some work.

My Nominees

Ok then, that’s it for this award and it’s totally your choice if you want to take this seriously or as a joke. Also, you can nominate me XD XD.


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