help a friend? — ghoom gayi, ghoom gayi…

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help a friend? — ghoom gayi, ghoom gayi…

So, help a friend’s friend?😜

My 2019 Birthday

Hello!! Renee here (obviously, duh)!

The post title sounds a bit queer, huh? Well, I saw how many other people were describing their birthday parties and all, so I wanted to do it too. But I couldn’t wait till June!!! So, I decided to describe my 2019 birthday party. The party in 2020 is for another time.

The party’s theme was……. Harry Potter!!! It was my 11th birthday party, so it was perfect timing! I was a Potterhead at that time, so……. What could I do?🤷‍♀️😂

Anyway, the party started at 6. Many of my friends came, SINCE COVID-19 HAD NOT WREAKED HAVOC AT THAT TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!. Since the theme was Harry Potter, we had to (optionally) wear witch and wizard costumes. Now, costumes are hard to find in India, or at least Pune, so we had to make do. I decided to wear an outfit that ‘looked’ like the uniform of Hogwarts, without the cloak. Two of my friends were dressed up better than me🤦‍♀️😂.

One of them was dressed up in a dark purple (not too short) dress, with a choker and a wand and witch’s hat made of chart paper. She looked like a modern witch. I loved her look!

My other friend was also wearing a (kind of?) witch’s dress, with a hat made of newspaper (of course it was painted, duh).

After all my friends had arrived (except Anika, she’s always late, even though she lives right in front of me🤦‍♀️), we started playing our own Harry Potter non-related games like Dumb Charades. Then, when my mom was ready, guess what we did? A HOUSE SORTING CEREMONY!!!!

First, whoever was called would have to sit on the chair. Then, we would place the SORTING HAT on her head. But, we added our own twist to this ‘house sorting ceremony’. The person who was seated for sorting her house had to eat A SORTING HAT CAKE POP!!! The colour of the cake inside decided the house!!! And that’s not all!!! The person even got a clip-on tie of their house!!!! How cool is that!!! And the Sorting Hat, the cake pops and the house ties were all made by my mom and I!!!! So cool!!!! Btw, the houses are Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff. I was sorted into Hufflepuff! Majority of the people were in Hufflepuff.

After the House Sorting Ceremony, we had a Harry Potter themed treasure hunt, organised by my mom (don’t worry, I have a dad🤣)!!! The teams were divided into two houses together. That meant that each team had only two houses. And the treasure hunt began! The other team won, and the prize was chocolate, but they shared😄. Then we played our own games (I mean come on, how much can my mom plan?).

Then we cut the cake! It was a book with a wand near it. HP was written on the book (I can’t find the picture😕)!

For food, we had pizza, potato chips, cake and all the ‘usual’ party food items. We had the remaining cake pops too!

Then, my friends and I chit-chatted and had fun.

Finally, it was time for my friends to leave. My party came to an end.

It was a good party!! Though I was a wee bit disappointed that I didn’t get the letter for going to Hogwarts🤣.

I hope I can have such good parties in the future too. Oh my God, it feels like I’m writing an essay🤦‍♀️😂. My 2020 birthday post coming in the future!