Hello there!! Before you freak out (or don’t🀣), hear me out!

I am keeping a hiatus, I don’t know for how long?

It’s just that I have tests and just after that, I have exams. And then I had to shorten my screen timeπŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ. I’m just very busy! HoW cAn A tWeLvE yEaR oLd Be So BuSy????!!!!!

So I don’t really know if I could call this a hiatus, because once in a while, I will post!!! I will be checking notifications too!! And you can always contact me on reneesuniquemind@gmail.com!

Before I leave, check out this NGO campaign!!! I posted on Renee’s Poetry too!!

I think this hiatus (kind of?) will end in November… But remember, this is not farewell!!!

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