Happiness (Poem)

Happiness, what really is it?

People feel it when they get fit.

Happiness, what does it mean?

People feel it when their skills are seen.

Happiness, is it easy to get?

Not for the people, who like to fret.

Happiness, are you there?

Or can you not be seen, like air?

Men find happiness in lives,

In none other, than their wives.

Happiness and love, is it one?

Or is it chaos, roughly undone?

I’m talking about happiness, by myself,

For me, one of my joys is books on a shelf.

Happiness is present in many forms,

Sometimes, to find it, we have to go through life’s storms.

Finding happiness is not so easy,

Once we’re grown up and life’s not too breezy.

People who find happiness quick,

Are the ones who enjoy life and don’t worry too much about life’s burning wick.

I don’t mean that we should be careless,

Our emotions and feelings are already a meaningful mess.

Bad times in life will leave scars,

But that doesn’t we should be away from happiness, behind bars.

So, in life, keep on searching,

One day, you’ll find happiness nearby, just perching.

Hello! I’m going through some weird times right now, so I felt like writing a ‘philosophical’ poem. I hope you liked my poem!



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