The Ultimate Disney Tag (Part 4)

Hey Glowsticks!! This is part 4 of UDT!! Check out the previous parts!:-

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Maggie’s Questions

31. Which scene completely shocked you?

I can’t think of anyπŸ€·β€β™€οΈ.

32. What are your favorite best friend relationships?

I would say Aladdin and the Genie. Even though technically, Aladdin was Genie’s master, he treats him like a friend.

33. Which couple is your favorite?

Prince Naveen (it literally means new in Marathi🀣) and Tiana from The Princess And The Frog, because according to me, they are the most realistic couple (of course except the fact that Prince Naveen was a frogπŸ˜‚).

34. Movie with the happiest ending?

Almost all the movies have happy endings.

35. Movie with the saddest ending?

The Secret World Of Arrietty.

36. Is there a type of food/treat a character eats/bakes that you’d love to try?

Tiana’s New Orleans Beignets recipe from The Princess And The Frog!

37. Have you been to any of the Disney parks?

Yup! I’ve been to the Disney parks in Florida, Orlando!

38. What are your favorite Disney Channel shows/movies?

I don’t have any favourites.

39. If you could visit the set of any show or live action movie, which one would you want to see?

102 Dalmatians!! I want to play with all the dogs and puppies!!

40. Which movie makes you laugh the most?

For now, I would say Toy Story 4. They really added much more comedy and humour in that one!

That’s it for now, last part coming soon!

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