An Assumptions About Me Post

Hey Renee Squad! I’m doing an assumptions about me post! This was a recommendation by Kaelyn from Kaelyns Life! So this a shoutout to Kaelyn! So, please comment your assumptions about me! I’ll answer them with a post soon. If after I publish the post, someone has an assumption about me, I’ll update my answers post!

Also, Shanessa and I collaborated and made a new blog called Renee And Shanessa From The Disney World!!! We give Disney movie reviews there! Please check it out!

Ok then, bye Renee Squad! Please start commenting!!!


Happy Ganesh Chaturthi!!!

Hey Renee Squad!!! Happy Ganesh Chaturthi!!! May God bless you all!! Have a wonderful day! The featured picture of this post is my Ganesh Chaturthi decoration! I’m also showing my mehendi now too!

I hope you liked it πŸ˜„. Happy Ganesh Chaturthi again!!!!!