Suggestions And A Glitch

Weird post name, right? Well, I’m crazy!! XD XD.

So, the first part, which is suggestions. I’ve been writing a comic, but it is tiring, so I don’t do it a lot. So, please do suggest some blog ideas in the comments!!

And now, for the glitch part. You may have heard that sometimes, Gacha Life glitches. And when it does, the characters change. Sometimes it’s creepy, sometimes it’s not. So, while I was working on the comic, Gacha Life suddenly glitched. Luckily, I got to take a screenshot. Here you go…

So this happened. If I clicked anywhere in the app, nothing would happen. In the end, I had to restart the app. It was pretty weird. Also, guys, I’m not making this up!!! I’M NOT.

Ok then, that’s it for this post. By reading this, you may now know how needy I am for suggestions XD XD.


Lorraine And John (Comic : Part 5)(Collaboration With HyperbolB From The Beahive)

Ok, so, there’s a bonus scene created by The Beahive, SO START READING ALREADY!(Also, before you think that everything went by too fast, remember, it has been months since they’ve liked each other).

Lorraine And John

Part 5

Made by The Beahive
Made by The Beahive

A few days later, at Lorraine’s house…

Ok that’s it for now! If you guys haven’t noticed (of course you have) Lorraine And John started dating!!! Also, this is a shoutout to The Beahive! Next part coming soon!


Sleepwalking : My Experiences

Ok, first off, this is NOT a counselling session. I sleepwalk and I’m proud of it!(No seriously, I literally brag that I sleepwalk) So, I’ll be listing all of my sleepwalking experiences that I can remember. Btw, I sleeptalk too XD.

My first sleepwalking experience was for taking a leak XD. Weird, right? My mom just heard me get up and all and when she told me about it the next morning, I had absolutely no memory of it. Now I’ll be listing all the sleepwalking incidents I can remember.

An other time, we were not home, we were in a resort. That night, I wanted to sleep with my cousin, but I couldn’t. Our room had a window so big, that it looked like a glass door. So that night, I sleepwalked to the window and sleeptalked that I wanted to go to my cousin. Then I came back to my bed and fell asleep. Creepy, right? BUT DON’T WORRY!!!!!! I’M NOT A PSYCHO!!!!!! XD XD XD.

Once, back at home, we were all sleeping when I suddenly woke up and I started stuffing my blanket in my schoolbag XD XD XD. When my mom asked me what I was doing, I sleeptalked and told her that I was packing my bag XD XD. Then she had drag me to the bed to sleep XD.

Another time,(this was pretty creepy and scary) I just walked off in the middle of the night and went to another room’s door and just stood there. Then when my mom called me, I turned around and glared at her angrily. In the dark. Now that’s pretty creepy. Then I went on the couch and lied down there. In the end, she had to drag me to bed again XD XD.

One more time, my parents were in another room and I was sleeping. Then suddenly, from my room, BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My parents came rushing in to see me banging my chair with wheels onto my bed!!!!!!!! CRAZY!!!!!

Another time, this happened recently, I was sleeping with my grandmother, when I sleepwalked to the couch. My grandmother woke up too and saw me sitting on the couch. She asked me to come back to sleep, so I went with her and slept. Weird, right?

Now, this is the last one I can think of. I had sleepwalked to my parents’ room, where they were sleeping and I woke up my mom. She didn’t know that I was sleepwalking and thought that I wanted her to come with me to sleep. While she was taking her blanket and all, I went to the dressing room. When she opened the door of the room, she saw that the door of the house was wide open. SCARY, RIGHT?!?!?!?! I had literally unlocked the door and opened it.

I know all of this since my parents tell me about it. I have absolutely no memory of it when I sleepwalk. Also, my mom told me that every night, I sleeptalk XD XD XD. My dad is always scared that I’ll sleepwalk at night and do something with KNIVES!!!!!!!! XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok, that’s a lot of laughing.

But seriously, sleepwalking and sleeptalking is normal. It’s not caused by psychological or paranormal things. It’s because your dreams are so strong and vivid that you start doing those things in real life.(Please note, that is only my theory. I don’t know if it is true or not.)

So if you sleepwalk, be proud of it!!! Cause I am!!!!!!!