Lorraine And John (Comic : Part 2)

Let’s get right into the comic!

Lorraine And John

Part 2

After they were done solving the case(that was pretty quick!)…

At the cafe…

After some time…

And so, Lorraine and John exchanged numbers and left for their houses.

I hope you liked the comic till now! I added comedy too! Stay tuned for the next part!


Lorraine And John (Comic)

Hey!! I’m creating a comic of Lorraine and John’s love story! It will be short though, since man, I’m tired! The parts will also be very short. Ok here we go!!

Lorraine And John

Part 1

It had been a few months after the case was closed when…

Part 2 coming soon! I hope you liked the comic till now!

Who Killed Sandy?(Chapter 8:Last)

There are going to be bonus pictures!! Let’s get right into the last chapter (btw it’s very small)!

Who Killed Sandy?

Chapter 8 – Finally, I’m Meeting You

My Dearest Diary,

It’s been 61 years since Sandy died. That’s right, I’m 82 already. Remember my wish to take you with me to heaven? Well, I’m on my deathbed right now. I’ll take you with me. I should give you an update on my life. I have a family with a husband and two children,a girl and boy. Their names are Christie and Ryan. Ryan is writing this while I’m dictating right now. Guess who I married? It was the person who helped me save you! That’s right, John!! What a turn of events! I guess I’m going to die soon. These are my last words to you. Farewell.

– Yours Truly, Lorrie

Ok, that was the bonus chapter (VERY SMALL, I had warned you) Now for the pictures!

Lorraine In Family(Lorraine married at age 24)
John In Family
Ryan In Family
Christie In Family
Lorraine In Heaven(Lorraine died at age 82)
Sandy In Heaven

So those were the pictures!! Also, do you ship Lorraine and John? I do!! If you too, MAYBE I could create a comic of Lorraine’s and John’s love story!!! Please comment!!! Finally, done with the story and story posts!! Oof, I’m tired!!! XD XD XD!!!


Who Killed Sandy?(Chapter 7)

Hey, this is the second last chapter with the second character reveal and killer reveal too! SO START READING ALREADY!!!!!XD XD XD XD XD.

Who Killed Sandy?

Chapter 7 – Family Issues

Dear Diary,

It’s finally the day to meet Sally. Finally. One hour left till I have to go. 59 minutes till I have to go. I’m literally counting the minutes. Others might call me crazy, but I don’t care. I just want to avenge Sandy. I think I should start getting ready now.


At 4:30, Lorraine goes to the Rudyard mansion. There, Sally welcomes her.

“Hello Lorraine.”

“Hello Sally.”

“You didn’t bring the detective here, right?”

“Yes, but why are you asking?”

“I’m just not comfortable telling this to him. I want to tell this to only you.”

“Ok, so, what do you want to tell me?”

“I think I know who killed Sandy.”

“What?!?! Really?!?!”

“Please, first hear me out.”

“Wait. Is it related to Katie?”

“HOW DO YOU KNOW ABOUT HER?!?! I mean, I don’t object, but how?”

“Erina told me.”

“Oh. Ok. Yes, it’s related to Katie.”

“Ok, please go on.”

“Katie was killed by Samuel Rudyard.”



“But how…. what…. why….”

“When we questioned him, he didn’t give a reason. He always was a bit freaky. Like a psycho.”

“Oh. But why didn’t he go to prison then?”

“My family was too ashamed and too scared of spoiling our reputation. So, we abandoned Samuel and never spoke of Katie and Samuel.”

“Oh my god. Your family has such big problems.”

“Yes, that’s what I hate about my family.”

“Thank you for all this information.”

“For Sandy, anything.”

“I’ll take your leave now.”

“One more thing, Sandy was killed on Samuel’s birthday.”

Lorraine goes back home and calls John.

“John, come here right now. It’s urgent.”

“Oh ok Lorraine.”

John comes to Lorraine’s house and Lorraine tells him everything.

“That is a lot of information. Thank you so much Lorraine.”

“I will do anything and everything for Sandy.”

“But, we have a problem.”

“Is it the evidence?”

“No not that, I can manage. The problem is that how can we be sure that Samuel killed Sandy?”

“Hmmmm, let me think. What could be there other than the fact it was Samuel’s birthday…”

After a few minutes of brainstorming, “Wait, I got it John!”

“What is it?”

“The van I had spotted, it had S.R. written on it! Those are the initials of Samuel Rudyard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

“Oh my god!! You’re right Lorraine!!!”

“So now we know who killed Sandy, right?!?!?!?!”


After a few days, in court, “Samuel Rudyard, did you kill your two sisters, Katie and Sandy?” says the judge.

“Yes I did.”


“Because I wanted a birthday present.”

“That is not a valid answer. Jury, what is your decision?”

Whispers here and there in the jury. A man from the jury goes and whispers in the judge’s ears.

“The jury declares Samuel Rudyard as guilty of killing his sisters, Katie and Sandy. Because he killed two lives, his punishment is a death sentence. Case closed.” says the judge.

Lorraine cries tears of ecstasy. The Rudyard family is very happy too.

Dear Diary,

I think that I’m the happiest woman on Earth. WE FINALLY CAUGHT THE KILLER!!! That bastard Samuel. I’m crying right now. But don’t worry, these are not tears of pain and hurt. These are tears of ecstasy, joy and happiness. I have avenged Sandy. I have fulfilled my purpose.


Ok then!!! That’s the story till now! The next chapter is kind of like a bonus chapter, so you can count this as the last chapter too!(meh, who’ll do that, you’ll just LOVE my story XD XD XD XD XD)

Ok, now for the character reveal 2.

Ok, I hope you liked the characters and the story till now!(oh who am I kidding you LOVE my story XD XD XD XD XD) Chapter 8 coming soon!


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