The Choice – Edith Eger (Book Review)

I liked The Choice very much, and that is a LOT coming from a 12 year old. If you have never heard about The Choice, it’s a book revolving around the Holocaust, mainly Auschwitz. The protagonist is the author herself, Edith, or else mostly mentioned as Dicuka. It’s a book about life and how, “Even in hell, hope can flower” – Edith Eger. It also tells us about her life before being sent to Auschwitz and after, as a psychologist. It almost felt like I was there with Dicuka in Auschwitz, but of course, no one except the people who were there in Auschwitz could really feel that. The Choice was an amazing book I read, and I hope you would like to read it too.

It is available on Amazon (Kindle Edition) at Rs. 300.31.