I’ve Made Another Service!!!

Hey Renee Squad!!! I made another service!!! It’s called Renee’s Art Creations, please be sure to check it out!!!!

Now, you may be thinking why I made another service. Well, that is because…… CLEARLY my RFMS Service is not working out. That’s why, I made another service. I hope you like it and actually order XD XD XD!!!!!


My Daily Routine

Hey Renee Squad!! I’m writing down my daily routine! Ganesh Chaturthi is going on, but I won’t be including all that.

Week Days

I wake up around 8-9 a.m. and attend school till 1:10.

Then I have lunch at just laze around XD XD XD XD. At around 3:30, I start studying till around 5.

Then I prepare for my upcoming posts and prepare for my weekly newspaper (Yes, I make a newspaper of my housing society). After I’m done for the day, I have dinner and go to sleep.


I wake up around 8-9 and just laze around XD. Then I get ready and mess around with my phone. Then, I have lunch.

After that, I prepare more with my laptop and study around 3:30 till around 4:15. Then, I’ll mess around with my phone and laptop more XD XD XD.

Finally, I’ll have dinner and go to sleep.

I hope you liked my routine post! Yeah, I know, I know, I waste my whole day, but, YOLO!! Wait, that’s the complete opposite of that XD XD XD XD XD!!!!!!! Waaaaaiiiiiiiit. You guys still need to give the answers to my questions!!!! Well, I understand, we have different time zones. So, I’ll wait till tomorrow. Good luck!


Look! A blog contest!!

Hey hey Hey! Click on the post title/featured image to read the post!! It’s gonna be super EXCITING 🤩

Look! A blog contest!!

This is a blog contest by Evin and Kaelyn!!!! I’m so excited to participate!!! But I won’t be able to participate in Kaelyn’s writing contest, because I’m already working on 2019 + 1980. So, Kaelyn, if you’re reading this, I’m sorry…

Anyway….. YIU YOU GUYS HAVE TO PARTICIPATE!!!!!! I can tell you that it’s going to be A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!!!!!!

Ok, then, thanks for participating in advance!!!!!


One Month Anniversary!!!

Hey Renee Squad!! Today’s my blog’s one month anniversary!! That means I’ve been blogging for a month now! Yipee!! Thanks for all the love and support!!! A special made by me for this anniversary…

So thanks again! Also, if you want me to create a quiz or something, please do say so! I don’t know why I said that XD. Maybe I’ll start a business or something about it XD XD XD. Please comment your opinion! Toodles!!