Thursday Poetry Competition!! — Penable

Hi everyone, I hope you’re doing fantastic and welcome back to another awesome Poetry Competition! 🙂 I want you to write a poem of your choice…. That is under 25 words! So hand it in writers, this is your chance to show your talent! How do I submit my work? Part of submitting is to follow Penable and tell […]

Thursday Poetry Competition!! — Penable

This is an awesome competition! You must definitely check it out and participate!!! This is the poem I submitted!:-

Girl Power

Girl, she’s gonna rock it!

Girl, she’ll have the stage lit!

Girl, she’s not gonna to sit and cower!

Since this gonna be girl power!

I hope you like it and participate!!


5 ways to find new bloggers! — Chickadee Lover Maggie

Hello there! This is Maggie comin’ at you with a new post on Chickadee Lover Maggie. Thanks for being here! I’m happy to welcome you. 😀 ❤ Today we’re talkin’ blogging tips! Here’s a little backstory: I’ve been learning about how to effectively discover new blogs since the beginning of 2017. Three and a half […]

5 ways to find new bloggers! — Chickadee Lover Maggie

This is really helpful!

Also, Glowsticks, you may think I only reblog posts, but that’s because I want to spread the word of my fellow bloggers!!! I mean come on, I write my own posts too, right?