A Tip For The RCC

Hey all!! I just wanted to give you all a small tip, that anyone living in the west, please submit till Saturday, because, the time zones are different and when it’s Sunday here, it’ll be Saturday there. That’s all I wanted to say, thanks for participating and good luck!!


A New Story

Hey Renee Squad!!! I’ve decided what my new book will be about!!

I’m going to be taking Sukanya’s suggestion for school life and humour!!!*claps*

Anyway, this will include a bit of romance too (Yeah, I know, I know, I can’t live without romance).

So, I’ll be publishing it on Amazon in the distant future.

But if you want me to publish the chapters on my blog, I can!

Also, if you guys read my story Who Killed Sandy?, can you please give review of it on your blog and link it to my Who Killed Sandy? page? Thank you in advance!!!

P.S. We reached 1378 likes!!!! Whoo hoo!!


Inspirational Thoughts #8

Quote Of The Day

“Teaching kids to count is fine, but teaching them what counts is best.”

– Bob Talbert

Picture Of The Day

Story Of The Day

The Dean Schooled Them

One night four college kids stayed out late, partying and having a good time. They paid no mind to the test they had scheduled for the next day and didn’t study. In the morning, they hatched a plan to get out of taking their test. They covered themselves with grease and dirt and went to the Dean’s office. Once there, they said they had been to a wedding the previous night and on the way back they got a flat tire and had to push the car back to campus.

The Dean listened to their tale of woe and thought. He offered them a retest three days later. They thanked him and accepted his offer.hat time.

When the test day arrived, they went to the Dean. The Dean put them all in separate rooms for the test. They were fine with this since they had all studied hard. Then they saw the test. It had 2 questions.

1) Your Name __________ (1 Points)

2) Which tire burst? __________ (99 Points)
Options – (a) Front Left (b) Front Right (c) Back Left (d) Back Right

Always be responsible and make wise decisions.