Hiatus Update (Important)

Hello all!!! Long time no see (kind of?)! How are you all??

I really can’t say that I’m sorry for not posting, because I had already warned that I’m going on a kind of-hiatus.ಠ∀ಠ (BTW I’ve gotten obsessed with emoticons.^_________^)

To those who don’t know, my kind of-hiatus was that I wouldn’t post on schedule, only a few times.

But now, I’m updating my hiatus, and this is important.

I’m afraid I’ll have to go on a complete indefinite hiatus. That means I’ll not post anymore and will be very inactive.

About my other blogs, I will not be posting on Capturing Life With Renee And Shanessa, but I’ll still be active on B&R Webcomics. Renee’s Creativity Contest will still go on!!

I’m so sorry I have to do this! It’s just that this pandemic has affected me gravely, and….. I think I need a break… From LIFE.ರ_ರ

I hope to see you all again soon, goodbye!!!

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