RCC Round 4 And Results Of Round 3

Round 4

Topic – Still Life.

Still life means recreating something that exists in real life. For example, I chose a vase as my model. Then, I’ll have to draw, or paint, or make a model of it or write about it too! Anything creative!

Deadline – 4th October.

Email the model’s picture and your creation’s picture to reneescreativitycontest@gmail.com.

Results Of Round 3

People Who Passed The Third Round:-

  • Sukanya
Digital Art

 You can notice the art work has a variety of colours. This is a digital art work. This is a bit mysterious. This fake world has nothing original as it is except one thing, that’s nature. Nature has some peaceful creations and also some mysterious creations. This is a mortal, haunted beach. No one in the city likes to go there because it is little scary. It has only haters for it. So it decided to be the same as such the people. It became the figure of scariness and hate. – Sukanya.

  • Ananya
  • Manya

It is a painting of a beach. The painting is a β€œbird’s eye view” of an empty, peaceful beach with a sunbathing mat just along the shore. Have a lazy day on the beach! – Manya.

People Who Got Eliminated:-

  • Rijul

Good going everyone! In total, Sukanya, Ananya, Manya, Krisha, Shanessa, Geet and Nishtha go on to Round 4! Good luck!


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